Wave based shooting game set on small planets with big alien enemies.

Endless waves

A crew of Astronauts have crash-landed. You now find yourself on a tiny planet overrun by alien creatures. Here only the strong survive, will you?


Rotation is a wave based third person shooter game for up to four players. Coming to Steam and other PC marketplaces in 2018. The game is meant to be easy to play and a overall stress-free experience. However you can also try to set tough to beat  high-scores or compete against friends to be the last one standing .




You wake up with only a hammer and a pistol as your weapons. Quickly find ammunition or other weapons or you wont last long.

Increasingly difficult

Every wave gets harder and harder. The further you make it the more challenging enemies spawn and in greater numbers. Eventually the creatures gain more abilities and dangerous obstacles appear such as meteor showers, poisonous clouds or acid rain.


As you complete waves you get to pick a upgrade. Each time there are three options which could be weapons, armor, abilities or buffs. This makes every new game different because you can't choose the same rewards for your character every time.


When you find a gun keep in mind that ammunition is scarce. This makes every weapon valuable and reserves the use of the most powerful ones to when you really need them. The arsenal of weapons range from pistols to flamethrowers to laser-guns.


Abilities are a one-time use special attack. It can be a trap or turret being placed on the ground or a shock-wave pushing monsters away. It could be a explosive device or a healing effect.

Ways to win

Rotation is a highly re-playable game, each match lasts about 10 minuets. Depending on your game-plan and ability to survive. In single-player mode the goal is to set a high-score.  In multiplayer mode you win by having the most points out of the players still alive at the end of the match.


In development


Rotation is currently in development by solo independent game developer Mikael Borghult from Sweden. Using spare time after work as a security guard. Having no previous titles released or industry experience. The game has been hobby project and on and off for 4 years, although it has changed a lot over time. Originally the idea was just to make a trailer and the game-play, characters and setting was completely different. So far no money has been spent on this project and 99% of all assets have been made from scratch. The release will happen in 2018, fingers crossed. At the very least a playable open alpha.