Astronauts are stranded on a tiny planet with big monsters and you need to escape! Gear up and fend off waves of aliens. Call for rescue and end up as the player with the highest score.Can you keep up with the ever increasing tempo?

You can't stop moving for long with the planet turning, there is always something to do while waiting for the opportunity to strike your opponents. The game get more hectic as you progress, the planet spins faster and more waves of alien creatures spawn.



Some maps have unique objectives. On this asteroid for example you can mine for rare crystals which rewards points. Other maps have hidden treasures or equipment that needs repair. The points are used for buying gear, buffs or special attacks but also for winning the game, so don't spend it all.

There is always one quest active, complete it and get a new one. The missions can vary from walking to a checkpoint, killing certain monsters to helping other players - putting you in a dangerous spot. For example: Go over and give a player a bandage. Will he shoot you? Is it worth it? Other missions can require teamwork like summoning bosses and defeating them.

When the game starts you have nothing so you need to quickly gather points by doing various tasks. You can start opening chests once you have enough points to use as currency. Opening a chest gives you three choices, a weapon might be too expensive at the start so you could pick a buff or a special attack instead. A special attack would be a force-shield or a missile-strike for example which is a onetime use powerful effect.

You need weapons to fight off the monsters of the planet and there will be a wide variety of weapons. You may need to conserve your ammunition cause the drops are random and you never know when the next rare drop is coming. 


In developement

Rotation is currently in development by solo independent game developer Mikael Borghult. Using unity. So far close to zero money has been spent on this project. Almost all assets are made by me. I could use some help, please contact me on the twitter below if you are intrested. Particular areas in need sound design and music, multiplayer networking and marketing.