Ammunition is scarce which requires careful use of the most powerful weapons but makes every weapon valuable. During the game you get to choose your rewards, do you need more ammo, quest items, stats or special abilities such as traps or explosives?

The rewards you pick enables different playstyles. Do you go for the long game and become a one man army? Trying to win fast with great risk of dying? Want to avoid the enimies or kill them on sight?

When the game starts you get quest chain with the goal of repairing the damaged spaceship. Each new game the quests are slightly randomized. In multiplayer the quests might include helping or hurting the other players. You can't kill other players outright, there needs to be an event which enables them to take damage. Even then you probably need help from monsters also attacking them.


In developement

Rotation is currently in development by solo independent game developer Mikael Borghult. Using unity. So far no money has been spent on this project. 99% of all assets are made from scratch. If you are into marketing or sound-design and wish to help please contact me on twitter.