Wave based shooting game set on small planets with big alien enemies.

Endless waves

A crew of Astronauts have crash-landed. You now find yourself on a tiny planet overrun by alien creatures. Here only the strong survive, will you?

Rotation is a twin-stick, top-down shooter set on a miniature planet. The goal is to clear out each planet of alien invaders and reach the end without dying. You get three lifelines that resurrect you and rewards along the way that upgrade your weapons so you can compete against the opposing monsters that only grows tougher. The game is highly repeatable with randomized monsters and choices of rewards making every new run slightly different. Good resource management is needed for surviving large encounters meaning saving abilities, utilizing weaker weapons to conserve ammunition but risk taking more damage.



  • Progress through 6 random planets, each have 10 waves. You have 2 minutes to clear each wave.

  • Every new wave is larger and tougher and the final wave of each planet has a special event i.e boss-fight.

  • You choose 6 random guns ranging from pistols to flamethrowers to death-rays.

  • Choose upgrades after a completed wave.

  • Eventually all hell breaks loose and dangerous environmental obstacles appears such as spikes, meteor strikes, poisonous clouds and acid rain.

  • Last as long as possible, reach wave 60 and set a new high-score!


In development


The game is in closed alpha. If you like to try the game contact me on twitter and you might receive a key. Some features are still missing such as sound and game-play balance. Release will be in 2019.

Rotation is made by sole developer Mikael Borghult from Enk√∂ping, Sweden. The game has been hobby project and on and off for 4 years and is now in the finishing stages. So far almost no money has been spent on this project and 99% of all assets have been made from scratch.