Wave based shooting game set on small planets with big alien enemies.

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Endless waves

A crew of Astronauts have crash-landed. You now find yourself on a tiny planet overrun by alien creatures. Here only the strong survive, will you?

Rotation is a survival top down shooter game for up to four players. The game is meant to be easy to play and a overall stress-free experience. However you can also try to set tough to beat  high-scores or compete against friends to be the last one standing. The game is highly repeatable with randomized monsters and choices of rewards meaning you can't pick the same strategy every time.



  • You have 2 minutes to clear each wave

  • Every new wave is larger and tougher

  • Ammunition is scarce but you have a lot of guns. Pistols to flamethrowers to death-rays.

  • Choose upgrades after a completed wave.

  • Change clothing items which gives some mechanics a double purpose. Leave a poisonous trail after you when you sprint or teleport to the enemy when you get a kill for example.

  • Eventually all hell breaks loose and dangerous environmental obstacles appears such as spikes, meteor strikes, poisonous clouds and acid rain.

  • Last as long as possible and set a new highscore!


In development


The game is now in open alpha! Meaning everyone can download an early version of the game. Some not yet implemented features are sound, multiplayer, settings and boss battles to name a few. If you want to try the game, please leave some feedback over at the itch.io page.

Rotation is made by Mikael Borghult from Enk√∂ping, Sweden. The game has been hobby project and on and off for 3 years and is now in the finishing stages. So far almost no money has been spent on this project and 99% of all assets have been made from scratch.